Version 0.9 released


Changes since 0.8:

  • get_win32_chunk_size fixed to survive invalid characters in folder names.
  • unnecessary ximinezcli WX toolkit dependency removed.
  • MI18n fixed to handle locale.getdefaultlocale failures.

Version 0.8 released


Changes since 0.7:

  • ximinez SFTP support - it is now possible to open and compare .xiz files, stored on remote SFTP servers
  • some minor improvements

Version 0.7 released


Changes since 0.6:

  • automatically append .xiz file extension when saving files
  • better load & save exception handling
  • "All Files" option bugfix (until now it didn't show files without an extension)
  • umask option added to ximinezcli
  • ximinezcli SFTP support

Version 0.6 released


Changes since 0.5:

  • ximinezcli was fixed. The 0.5 version was totally broken.

Version 0.5 released


Changes since 0.5:

  • color settings added
  • "restart warning" replaced by a static note (the warning window had some issues on Mac, and it was silly anyway)
  • display a warning message if unable to load user configuration

Version 0.4 released


Changes since 0.3:

  • Files and folders with empty file names are ignored now. There *shouldn't* be any, but there was one inside the "sys" file system on linux 2.6.23.
  • ximinezcli does not manually close stdout and stderr on shutdown any more (it was only needed to hide the silly python shutdown exceptions, but there are no such exceptions when shutting down the CLI version anyway).
  • Size on disk calculation finally works on Windows too, at least when dealing with local non-compressed file systems (I believe this is by far the most popular scenario).
  • Last modification time (optionally) added to both folder and file display windows.
  • Language drop down list fixed: it does not default to English, but to the automatically selected language (as it should in the first place).
  • ... plus some minor changes

Version 0.3 released


Ximinez finally got its own little settings dialog, plus some extra anti-bug treatment:

  • settings dialog created
  • directory tree remains expanded during sort, selection is also preserved
  • "file manager" and "terminal" shortcuts should now work out of the box on most Linux distributions and on Windows. It is also possible to manually configure the file manager binary (in the settings dialog).
    Please notify us about problems.
  • no more complaints about "unknown file types" (for sockets, device files etc.), just some notes about ignoring such files.
  • many changes in the generic modules (logging, INI file reader etc.)

Version 0.2 released


This version brings some minor improvements and fixes:

  • Folder tree and file list column descriptions now show up in the menu when right-clicking the tree/list header.
  • Debian packages fixed to work on Ubuntu 8.10 (and probably others)
  • Generic UNIX install script is now a bit more friendly.
  • other packaging improvements

Check the downloads page for details.

Web pages updated


We replaced the previous barebone version of the home page at with a new barebone version. :-)

The first public release is out


We finally released version 0.1 (alpha).